Provider Benefits

Benefits To Your Practice

Allergy Options markedly can enhance your practice’s revenues by performing in-office allergy testing and treatment for your patients. Benefits to medical providers include:

* No additional overhead incurred
* No significant time from your busy day
* We supply the allergy technician and supplies
* We manage patient education and scheduling

Consider on-site allergy testing and immunotherapy:

  • Convenient for your patient
  • Testing for top 70 area allergens
  • Test results usually in 20 minutes
  • Virtually painless testing with no needles used
  • Each patient receives customized AT-HOME treatment


The need for allergy diagnosis and treatment is growing rapidly. Our proven model allows the provider to identify, assess and treat disorders such as allergic rhinitis, dry cough, and snoring during our routine evaluations.  Immunotherapy is normally covered by commercial insurance and Medicare.

Allergy Options technicians can test and treat patients from age 5 (pediatric) and up, and we test for seasonal and environmental allergens.


Why Us?

Allergy Options partners on-site with primary care providers. Testing and effective long-term immunotherapy treatment results in positive patient outcomes and a new revenue stream for your practice.

We will provide:

  • Turnkey allergy clinic, including supplies
  • Medically trained allergy clinic staff
  • On-site allergy testing
  • Compounding of immunotherapy antigens
  • Complete patient management
  • Comprehensive billing and marketing support


The physician’s office will:

  • Realize an additional revenue stream with NO investment
  • Provide dedicated 100 square feet of office space for the clinic


Your practice will be able to offer patients:

  • Effective and convenient allergy treatment
  • Improved satisfaction and quality of life


Contact us today to get more information on how we can help your practice’s revenues.